#Blogging 101: Introducing Myself

So where do I start !! ?.

To the ones who are following me, apologies if these posts may not click up to your expectations, considering the fact that there was something else the blog started on to deliver. There is something new and interesting I am trying out now at the Blogging University :D.

Hmm today’s task Introducing Myself.

Who Am I ?

I can actually talk  a lot on this but then in short for the world… I am Rahul !

I call my self an Eco-Enthusiast and I travel around to save Energy (Energy Auditing) and hence save the world. I love to travel, totally into cycling and running. Oh not totally, or else who would earn my bread and butter ?

Why this Blog ??

All (actually most) those memories to record, learnings to be shared, experiences to boast upon or let my mind have the freedom of speech !! obviously needs some place rite !!. Something that belongs to Me and describes everything of Mine. So that is how this “The Me and The Mine” pops up….It just describes the World the Way I look at. 🙂

Why #Blogging 101 ??

To be frank, and yes I don’t deny, more or less every blogger’s wish .. to have more readers. Can’t say if I am yet an established blogger (Nah…I don’t think so) but yes, I am here to learn, get more ideas to deal diversified topics and developing an enticing blog.

Could be squeezing all this into a journal but then why public !! Show off or means of making others jealous are definitely something I would not rule out 😀 but most importantly and hopefully that it may be a teeny tiny aid for few.Especially the posts about my travels.

Not bragging anymore… but Hey !! feel free to stop by my blog. You’ll have some great stuff to read and apologies again… you might have to get your own Coffee though !! 🙂



5 thoughts on “#Blogging 101: Introducing Myself

  1. haha..Sure I’ll get my own coffee..!!! Eco Enthusiast and all? nice..Nice intro..looking forward to your blog..!! 🙂

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