Simply Strings !! – @ John’s Farm



Feeling my way through the darkness
Guided by a beating heart
I can’t tell where the journey will end
But I know where to start

They tell me I’m too young to understand
They say I’m caught up in a dream
Well life will pass me by if I don’t open up my eyes
Well that’s fine by me

…Wake Me Up, Avicci

 Well Actually that’s not fine…! The moment I was living in…driving through the darkness…kinda caught up in a dream…kinda describes that wonderful time @John’s Farm. I would prefer to have my eyes Wide Open !.  Again It’s not My Song … I’ll just go ahead humming to the known tune … mostly unknown lyrics of the Song.

Darkness…! Yes Imagine it Pitch black with big and small trees around. Not a single leaf being tossed by the breeze. Silence and deep silence, just like some moments before the Red Matter Explosion scene of Star Trek (2009) … freaking enough for the hair on the body to spring up. Senses all so wide open and hyper alert (minus the Alcohol effect on others) … standing at the entrance of the lonely Hut with only 2 tiny yellow lights…. I sense the elves and goblins watching our every move through those distant woods… That surroundings as it kept getting colder…. No Demons though. I din see any sulphur but yes some Potassium based fertilizers.  Any ghost lurking around ??

And then….squeaky Meow ! out of nowhere ! Before you realize, a Big Fat Dark Cat runs past you brushing its fur to your legs…

My Brain was already picturing me Jumping high…not past those dark clouds but at least hanging on to the roof first and check what was that Chilling Tickling thing. In reality, my body was still as a those huge rocks on the hills.

Welcome to John’s Farm!!.

Apologies…! Apparently Nothing of that sort happened… I mean a lil did but most of it…I Just ran down through my Imaginations. The silence actually was filled with our vocals, the strings and at times the karaoke. And there, we did have Cats.

So I’ll rewind back … obv Who would forget to those Corn Tikkis at dinner  earlier?

During our couple of visits earlier to our Adda Lake and our lengthy talks on keeping our inner peace alive, this idea of spending Dolly and Jolly’s last weekend in Bangalore in an enticing way… trickled down to a great Jamming session @John’s farm.  We had all the required ingredients at place. 3 Guitarist… Electric and Acoustic, a Fiddler, Small Djembe Drum, and all those boxes and wires one would need to plug in and Amplify. And of course Food for me -OH for the others.

Planned to catch up at Ranga’s place first. As usual, the good boy (Me) reaches on time. Kaushik, Ankit, Jolly and Dolly join in later. Pav Bhaji, Corn Tikki, Gulab Jamun… with Friends …..Ummmm!  Joe and his regular phone calls from the farm hardly had any impact over us… You see… we already started having fun here :D. Food packed and off we start off to John’s farm !

So what amused me was John’s occupation. Comes from US, settles down here to do farming in India ! Amazed by the simple calm peaceful time he spends here. Bat Man and Robin, two farm dogs were a great pass time. While Kau, Joe, Shishir were playing their master strokes on guitars… John was like a maestro on his violin.

The drive was freaking awesome. Kau knew the route to the farm. How well he knew ? was only proved during Test driving the Terminator mode with head lights off on those weird dark village roads…! Reached at around 23:00… of course packed food did not travel with us. Joe, John and Shishir were already at farm starving ! Jolly along with his Maps on Nokia Lumia accompanied Ranga did get the food later .. they did get lost on the way back. They missed a solid 2.5 hours of our jamming.


Joe, Kaushik and John (left to right)


Man I say, there is definitely a Ghost around… I can see some extra hands !


My experiments to electrify !

Amazing English …. Country roads, Stairway to heaven, Wake Me up, Under the bridge to Classic Hindi Papa Kehthe he, Mussafir Hun Yaaron, Pehla Nasha… to Mesmerizing south Munjaane Manjalli … and many more. Actually many many more. Went on all night till early morning. The pissed off Rooster does its CockaDoodleDooo ! 4:40 am !!
Surprised that I did not crash post 22:00. I was into 40 % Zombie mode though.


Decathlon’s Quechua Tents and Sleeping Bags under the open sky .. Camping is Awesome ! Of course one needs to take care of not allowing mosquitoes inside the tent J. Some jokes and laughs and eventually every one dozed off…!


Let it Go.. Let it Go… Dolly’s signature Stunt …  Sky Lanterns !

A short video of the Payload Launch.


Our 2 hour struggle to pack these tents ! Unpacking was a 2 min job ha ha. And there that thing hanging on the tree .. was the instructions chart showing how to pack. As usual… its tough even to Copy !WP_20140628_007

S**t at times is Compost !

altAlqYSMGxdAC6htg6_9DTFSkR6n53fhK7RtHrUuqZjlIPSelfie…! Joe, John, Kau, Ajith, Dolly, Me, Ankit, Ranga, Shishir (left to right)

Apologies to guys who missed the trip for being pretty lame in expressing stuff this time but anyways…these moments are meant to be experienced 😛

(You might want to know something on our Adda Lake ? … Check here and here )



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