Addicted to The Adda Lake !

Vola ! back again…. seriously on a blogging marathon or what !!. At this rate people will obviously start getting bored of me now. As long as it keeps igniting a even a lil spark in any homo-sapien on earth, giving that required threshold to buy/pick/grab and ride that cycle…. serves the purpose 🙂 So what is Adda Lake… ?? You’ll have to check previous week’s history here then. Obv on my Argo… with Ranga and Ajit along. Kaushik joined in later. This is a quickie… not much to write…i’ll just let the pictures talk 🙂

ImageOpen ur wings and float at the same point !! I saw this concept with a ball in a planetarium when I was a kid.


That’s scared me first ! but when went a lil close (was curious how long they could be) … it got scared. There were totally 4 I could spot. 


My second Kingfisher click … obv I was having a Good Time 🙂Image

Now that’s up for some shoots ! .. Guess that’s Snake Bird/Darter/Anhinga


There showing off some more stunts !  I missed the part of it scooping out that fish off the water :/


Hey ! that was my spot last week! 

After 2 hours of pleasant peaceful time …. The best part of the day was these guys sitting there and singing oldies of 1972 song “Musafir hoon Yaaron” from film Parichay 🙂 And then followed by line by line explanation of its meaning !! Really has a great content !

Reason’s for Addiction !! ? Well many of my earlier rides were the same ride to some place as a group, have breakfast as a group and return back as solos or smaller groups. This one here… just adds on a lil singing and soaking in the nature for hours and hours!.

Again…good things comes with a price – the return climbs to Bangalore on the Kanakpura road !! esp with those thick stock tires of Argo !.



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