The Great Malnad Challenge 2013 – (Part – II)

 …Continued from The Great Malnad Challenge 2013 – Romance with the Western Ghats … continues (Part-I)

PART – 2

“2 – 4 Warm up before the start, do not want to get some strain at the very beginning of the day.

2 – 5 Almost settled, the pace of the heart beat picks up, and so the bicycle’s speed.

3 – 5 Yes, I am ready to rumble.

3 – 6 Steady pace, Adrenaline rush…all pumped up.

3 – 7 Cruising, cutting through the chill breeze.

Something/Someone or some turn ahead, gently apply the brakes…back to 2 – 5

Oh climbing high ?

1 – 3…not enough, 1 – 2… not enough, 1 – 1… not enough ???

no other option, have to go on… Push.. Push.. one more … and there the zenith lies… and I am in the quest to conquer. Challenge is not to set your foot down…not to get off the saddle, Challenge we set to ourselves, and

Challenge Accepted ! “

….Wondering what the numbers are ? It is just the gears combination which the cycling community would obviously not find amusing ! But I just can’t get these numbers or those clicking sounds still off my mind.

Intro of GMC

Adventure Called…. I Answered, was the first flier I came across. Digging in further and found an exciting opportunity of taking my cycling interests to greater heights.

The Great Malnad Challenge !.  A 9 day MTB ride with a distance of approximately 850 km to roll, covering 6 districts, over 100 villages, beautiful forests, mighty hills and oh not to ignore… “The Malnad Flats” and sheer bliss of OFF Roading!

And I Plunged into it..!

Pedalled all the way…!

Starting from Madikeri in Coorg to Jog Falls in Shimoga, the journey included well known places that was planned to ride…. BUT…The enticing part of the journey is to take “The roads less travelled”  

GMC map

 Great Malnad Challenge – Route map

It was a great ride for sure but not an easy ride. There was this one thing that not a single rider could escape. It tried its best to pull down our enthusiasm. At times, It was the partner in crime along with the scorching Sun on un-canopied roads for miles together. It superimposed itself into our paths of the untamed forests. One day done and It is ready waiting for you the next day.

Early mornings to late evenings, It just waits and watch. It sucks your energy out. It just lies down but would never allowed us to settle down in our comfortable zones. Change in one’s ride pattern was inevitable for every few metres. Not just legs, our fingers and wrists had an equal job to do (shifting into appropriate gears). Even if one gives up for a moment, It just stays silent. But that very deafening silence is enough to give jitters. No, It is neither some ghost lurking behind those trees nor some clown giggling at us.

Obvious that anyone reading this might guess this to be some “______” state of my mind. I am sorry, the guess was wrong..!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to my finally tamed “It” that I was referring to… “The Malnad Flats”

Definition of Malnad flats ( I came up during the ride): It is a concoction of abnormally behaving sinusoidal and cosine paths occurring simultaneously in both horizontal and vertical planes, which at times psychologically manipulates the rider’s thoughts by making him think that he/she is moving on up a tan curve of the vertical plane with angle tending to 90 deg but when conquered teaches a lesson that what goes down shall also come up tooo ! and thus The Fun Short Lived !



Date: 25th October 2013

From: Bangalore to Madikeri

Reached Mysore Satellite bus stop way too early. My right leg was not doing well. Recovered from some awesome pukes, rocketing fevers and thundering cold just a week ago I was waiting. My last two 100 km self practice rides turned out to be suicidal. I had my own questions whether I was really ready for it? Every minute I sat, every minute I happened to wait, the pain on my leg was the only thing that occupied my mind. Giving up was the only thought that kept shooting my brain over past two weeks  then.

A big step has been taken, and did not want to give up. The wait was over and it was the Day which I really have to take the bus.  Started talking to the pain “Please buddy, kal se tho thang math kar mujhe” to “Abey leave me alone…kaha se aa baita mere pair me”

21:00, The bus was there, riders gathered slowly. Few had earlier acquaintances,  few got acquainted there, few friends, few known and few unknown, all met at one place before embarking our journey. But every one were strangers to me.  As usual, I being the one with few words “vocally”, breaking MY Ice is always a tougher job for me.

Funny it may seem to be, atleast in Bangalore, what I frequently come across how two strangers start off their conversations. Just like some old standard programming code in C language one would learn in first year courses of engineering.

Subject A armed with

Printf(“ Hello \n”);

Printf(“You work for? \n”);

And Subject B armed with

Printf(“Hey hi \n”);

Printf(“ Ah.. xyz J \n”);

When two Subjects come together, they are ready to hit the Run command and fire these commands at each other. As a matter of fact, A and B also interchange roles. C, D, E, F… join in and the whole conversation seems to be fun… great… interactive.

Yes “Seems to be” !!.

In the present situation of so called Global Warming, Climate Change, concept of melting Ice at the poles looks lot more simpler. But breaking that Ice to just start off a simple conversation looks so difficult when I happen to come across such group of people working for/at “xyz”. Especially when that “xyz” has something to do with Software or some Management firms.   Given my area of work I sound like a total Alien to them.  The term Industrial Energy Efficiency sounds like some Klingon or Romulan to them. Finally forcing me to tag my self in simple terms “Non-IT” or “The Energy or the  Environment Guy”.

Obvious it is, it did take a while for the people of earth to understand and accept that Alien from Krypton as Superman :D.

As simple as it looks to be, I preferred to be silent. But trust me its really tough to ignore and stay quiet when everyone around you keeps talking. And there finally I get  to meet Deephan, a Chemistry professor at a well known college in Bangalore. Anil introduced him to me in one of my Jigani-Harohalli rides earlier. He introduced me to Kaushik who works for a reputed banking firm.

All board the bus, I chose a perfect seat with my big bag beside me. Settled and tried to sleep. The next day’s first ride is waiting for us. Thoughts keep flowing. It was more of fighting the challenge ahead mentally. The pain in the right leg makes sure for me to feel its presence all night. For a couple of hours I could hear those prolonged conversations of the riders, their work, their work-outs, their Nandi climbs, marathons, rides, runs, etc. All of it was interesting and was worth concentrating to put my thoughts off that pain. Eventually none talking about BBC !! (Guess very few were aware of it and I was like … “phew … he he he…!, Oh boy next 9 days shall be interesting”)

As the bus’ engine sang the lullaby and the seat rocked like the cradle… I dozed off…!

Promise visual treat in continuing posts :). 9 Days stuff to cover. I’ll try to be precise though !


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