To an Awesome Rendezvous – First long Ride of Argo!

Can’t blame…My improper planning or other numerous commitments but yes, missing the long awaited plan to watch Epic Nandi Ride as I quickly squeeze some minutes to write my yesterday’s memorable ride and a great time I relished!

Yes I’ll blame that above pic which triggered the following write up!

People dream and keep dreaming. Dreams get bigger. They add some salt some pepper some spice to entice. Dreams get even bigger. Not just starters but to the main course and you want that tasty yummy deserts as climax of life. Dreams… their numbers increase and of course their size. A good 8 hour sleep every night is not enough. That lengthy Bollywood movie with Hollywood scripts really shoots its limits… ending up Day Dreaming…!

Soaking in Nature !

People dream and keep dreaming. Many motivational talks and inspirational stories flooded over internet. Every morning FB shares of great quotes only to be long forgotten by the setting sun. That adrenaline rush ends up being only a momentary impulse and then again…. people dream and continue dreaming.

Relatively few actually realize and hold on to it. Fewer jump into the action and start their journey of making it into reality and Many others… continue dreaming. Whatever the reasons may be. Decisions and Decisions, which one to choose? … which one to lose? Adventurous risks? or virtually safe secured daily jigs? Neither Success nor failure is guaranteed … but Uncertainty is. To solve the puzzle you need to start solving the puzzle. That big leap into the mystery …. and rest is history!

…..Above few lines dedicated to every cyclist buddies I met till date and many I may come across in future…chasing their dreams… conquering them one by one and living their passion… from just having fun to help ppl having fun in this sport, organizing amazing events, catering to this community needs like stores, jerseys and most of all being the cause for instilling joy and happiness through cycling. (Apologies if I am missing to mention something more)

Special mention to Ajit and Shruthi, my GMC buddies who dived into that “Live the Dream” League. Wish you Awesomeness in every walk of life on your great endeavours!


Coming back to the post!

I would thank Kaushik first for delaying the meeting time from 6 am to 6.30 am (which I only got aware of in the morning through those last night’s watsapp chats in the group) near Domulur. All set packed ready with my Argo and waiting at predestined point at 6.30 am.

So must be wondering whoz Argo? That’s my new RR 5.3. Long story short, went to help my friend Nandu buy RR 5.2 and I ended up getting another bike for myself too!

Apparently day even got better as he did not show up at all for the next 30 mins. Called Ajit, claiming it’s getting delayed and might be too sunny while returning, he lazily wanted to drop the plan. Dejected at first and decided to get on a solo ride. Wait… a call … who is it? Kaushik… probably with big smile on the other end…”Sorry dude just woke up, but I am still on with the ride”!

I paused and called Shruthi. Great! finally some like minds (no exactly though… cmn obv which right hander would take a leftie guitar just to avoid cutting nails..Girls u c 😛 )… as she was already on her way to Ajit’s place. After all the hotchpotch Ajit, Shruthi and I started off from JP Nagar at around 8am. By the way I remember last night’s plan was to head towards Hesarghatta. Would have been my 4th visit there. Thanks to Kaushik’s delay, destination changed.

Rode onto Kanakpura road. Well hungry we were… Had Thatte Idly on the way and headed off to this Rendezvous. Off the main road and into the lanes and we find ourselves passing by few fields and there…. No Road !! What more would Argo want… some off-roading on gravel, mud and some juicy grass. Wonders of Wonder… A lake with pristine blue waters and some Darters flying around. Almost 10 am I guess and still many huge winged birds around and over the lake ! Such a great place so close to the city !!


Bikes taking nap after some Off-Roading !


Shruthi, Ajit and Kaushik


The Rendezvous Lake


Trail leading to the lake !



26×2.1 Kenda’s first taste of Grass…! After a loooooong time no fear of Flats !


Roadie vs MTB – Did u c road bikes for off roads ?? Great white tires that Giant has !


There…Shez pointing… What did I miss ?

Well the place is so beautiful and I was selfish enough not to mark it on maps. So no GPS tracking. My efforts to keep it secret and away from stupid “lake view apartments” coming up. If not stop, It would at least delay the destruction of the ecosystem there. Ajith , Shruthi and few others keep coming here and call it as “The Adda lake”.

I took some time to park Argo near those rocks, laid it down on the grass taking care of the white frame. Before I realized, these triathlon aspirants were already having fun in the water…! Spent great time with those cool breeze, peacefulness and birds around. Took off from there at around 12 pm. Back to Ajit’s place…some fun with Dart games, crazy bets, Mangoes their back pack tour plan only kept modifying and re modifying by Kaushik and a super-fast ride back home !

I now really feel the difference in rides on a 3-7 geared bike and 3-9 geared bike combo.  Argo is really a head turner in public.



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