Thousands of Thumps! – TCS World 10 k Run, Bangalore


“Clear skies indicating an Awesome climb in life for miles

Embarking on journeys long as thousands of Niles

The green canopy assuring that the road ahead stays fresh

As I continue on my endeavours in mind and flesh

Few water logs did try to get me slushy… trick is to face it…

And enjoy it.

So what if they were the after effects of the downpour, the previous night,

Hurdles in life won’t give you a formal invitation rite?

Just step on and move on… for there are Thousands of Thumps around

Enough to pump up your energies till the finish line and beyond

Thousands of Thumps at different frequencies yet the message is one…step on and move on, whatever the pace is… for it is the finish that matters in the end, to the world. What one has gone through in the journey remains to ones’ self and claim… ‘It is Mine’ ……………”

And there I get blocked by the Human shield !, One of the many unwanted break both for those philosophical thoughts and my pace during the run.

What am I blabbering about? So lemme rewind a lil and fill in the missing pieces.

What is it ?

18 May 2014, it is TCS World 10k Run !, known to be the biggest event in Bangalore and a prominent one on national and international platform too. There are some more interesting facts on this but yeah available online. Sea of Nikes, Reeboks, Pumas and yes Kelanjis… at the Kanteerva Stadium .. AAAMMAAAAZZZINGGGG!!! Every one running on lush green early morning Bangalore roads… Super AMAZING ! .. esp. the route via Cubbon Park… WOW!

Of course saw couple of them on barefoot too! It was the shoes and shoes and shoes that caught my eye this time and not cycles.

So my big motivation was to get that Finisher medal 😛 yes it is a lame one. “Everyone who does finish in given stipulated time would obv gets a medal, so what ?” might be your question ! Well did u know from about 10 million population in Bangalore, only 25,000 participate in the event and only a little over 10,000 for 10 km run?  There chop chop ! Yes no room for finding excuses with reasons like old, young, women, physically challenged, etc. People from every above mentioned category were present there.

Took about 1 hr 6 min to complete that 10 km (yes hopeless timing) but ranking of 3914 off 10913 !! personally impressed as a first timer 🙂

The event was into different parts:

  1. World 10k – where the elite national and international runners participate.
  2. Open 10k – where any one can participate and are supposed to finish the run in about 1.5 hours.
  3. 5 k Majja Run – where again any one can participate. This may not be competitive but one gets to see people from different walks of life participating. People thrice my age, some with even walking sticks to people with placards conveying some “green messages”.

One thing that however I am curious on is that crowd cheering with posters “Run Like Hell…! ” As though they actually saw someone really running on the other side.

My irregular preparations !

All started off a couple of months before the D day with an add I came across in the paper about the event and ever pending dream of getting a running shoe materialized. It took whopping 8 months to just get that thought into action ! Practice started off with 2 km sessions and progressed to 3 km and then to 5 km. Hitting the first 10 km mark esp. on an election day in Bangalore … an epic I would always remember. The feeling of “I did it..! ” triggered this craving for more. Did 3 more  10 km… one per week over one month period apart from the regular 5 kms whenever I had this really strong sense of preparing for the event. Obv, the thought that I paid the registration fees kept pushing me off my bed (at least twice a week :P).

Every practice, never bothered about pace or the distance but was more into the continuity of the run. You see there is this bug planted in my thoughts ! (Was also one of the pressing reasons to start running). Cases like running from an notorious transformer (it takes time for Bumble bee or Optimus to come for help u know) or some beast chasing you. I know I don’t have to be another Usain Bolt, just  a lil faster than few slower ones should do 😛

Decisions were tough to weigh, sacrificing appointments, couple of functions, work which involved travel. I was ready to gamble (which are mostly a hit !) and customize the schedules of other  activities which kept crawling in slowly like a snail eventually as the D date approached. But the impact was bound to do the damage. “May Be”s were not an option, Blunt “No”s were not properly acceptable and “Please” never reached few ears.

Hold on… That feeling you experience when you hit the last mile with thousands of cheers and thousands behind… Breaking your limits, extending and testing your potential…that feeling of accomplishing something where you feel like punching in the air, giving a YAAAYYYY! VICTORY ROAR only to realize the decibel levels are low coz you are damn tired J … in short “Feeling your Breath, Living Life, Realizing your Alive”  is far more worth than all these conventional hiccups every salaried guy would face 😛

Seriously, how many of you really feel this way by just living a mundane monotonous way every day ??



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