Chennai Expressed ! – A little actually

3rd March 2014

Stories always start with mornings…
Crap shut up… Not so soon… Oh wait, that is not my alarm… Its ring tone…whozzz calling me at…at…wait… 3.45 AM?? !!

Sssseriously… Huh!

“Hello …  Ah the cab driver?… Hindi or English please… Kaha… Ok Rustam Bagh layout near Leela palace… Subhiksha Daffodils, ha wohi apartment ke paas ajana…. paanch bajhe ko bulaya tha a… theek he aajao”

7 min more for the alarm to trigger off… Hmm off to Stand-by mode.

Ummedo waali dhoop…Sunshine waali aasha…

Rone ki wajah kam he…Hasne ke bahane zyaada…

…yup my alarm 4 am…running tight on schedule. Man so, sleepy… Soso sleep… No cycling,… Buddy train to catch, do not  act like a sloth bear.

Hmmm … such a perfect pleasant peaceful place to spend the mornings…. Ok Common u won’t become rich sitting here all day… Thsreef utaaiye Sirji
….. .. .
Perfect… M ready … Ya ya Mr. handsome… Dull formals, Fossil strapped. Phone, charger laptop charger cards wallet hmm all set. Great ! bag looks so beautiful… 6 months of abuse after its previous wash, 3 months in hibernation (yeah I AM The Super Procrastinator at times) yesterday’s 1 hour wash actually did the magic. Hmmm Cycling ka hydra-pack…will wash next week.

Door locked… Still dark out… I love the chill. Nah m young enough to take the stairs. The super punctual cab guy was taking a nap in the car. A Knock knock…! on the Cab window, “Bhaiya Uto chale ? Majestic railway station”.  Few moments later on the way to the station, “Ji …ha train 6 ko he… Ha aap itni jaldi kyun aagaye…”

Crazy… Asked for a 5 am cab at office. Office asks 4.45 am cab to the travel agent and agent orders 3.45 am can to the driver… Nice crazy way of having a wakeup call. Punctuality has reached its heights ! And look at his driving… Is this guy the one from The Terminator or what…? Arnold Schwarzenegger deflated and packed into some 12 inch pipe.  Pitch dark roads and he is cruising with those dim headlights. Why is it that every TATA cars ends up like a taxi? Old airport road, Richmond road, KG road, and there…that sharp turns and close shaves at those early hours unmanned cross roads… Heart is really going Shalalalala. Vola…! 10 min is all it takes from Rustam Bagh to the majestic railway station, !!! Unbelievable huh… Ordinary day timing is 1 to 1.5 hours to cover this 11 to 12 km.

5.10 am buzzing out here…  people…people…people and people everywhere and not a single person at whom I can stare. Ok that’s stupid… I’ve got better things to do. Some 100s in deep or may be light sleep. Why are they sleeping here on the roads, on the platforms… Homeless? Waiting for the trains? Most pressing conditions that one would see in almost every railway stations in India. I prefer not to jump into some decisions or rather conclusions,  people have their reasons but in the end, it boils down to the income levels. Ahem! And there we talk about the poor. It is not just “The Beauty” but also “The Poverty” that lies in the eyes of the Beholder in today’s India.

Shifting to the extremes…45 min to go… How to pass time, and obv I am a real genius in it. How about starting the day embracing the Nature. Yup Morning butterflies dragging their heavy (again a relative term) luggage, drowsy with that inverted smile, un-kept and curly hair. What best time do you get to watch Nature or God’s great mysterious creations without Make-up  😛 (Apologies and no offence..)

Ok Platform 6 it is… First ride in Shatabdi. Why is it that I miss my cam only when I don’t carry it? Did you know that the Shatabdi Express was first started in 1988, same year in which I was born. Probably I am older (considering alphabetical order in the names… ok i call the dibs). Took 26 years for us to meet :D. Journey reminds me of my first visit to Chennai from Hyderabad for some interview for some Masters admission. The time where one takes a tough decision after Bachelors knowing even now every penny that one spends is still from Dad’s pocket. The next three were from Namma Bengaluru. Second visit to The Beautiful Madrasapatnam was totally different with chilling out at evening beaches, late night dinners of the typical Chennai cuisine, friends and fun (apart from the workshop for which we actually came for from office 😛 ). Third visit was on a project at one of the famous infrastructure group’s to save their energy consumption (come on… my profession.. I am better than Captain Planet !) and here I am on the journey for the fourth visit for the final closing presentation of that same project.

Visit to Chennai actually starts off with the amazing piece of history that you actually arrive at… The Chennai Central ! which happened to serve as the major gateway to South during British times? Then those roads which whispers the great histories and have seen the real change the city has gone through. It would be totally illogical to write down anything about this impeccable city with just four visits. I just don’t understand much or most of it, but the language sounds so pleasant as one speaks and I don’t mind lending my ear. Of course the city as such is rapidly changing, nothing much looks to be original ( something which did not motivate me to take any city pics) But yes, a cool evening at the Besant Nagar beech, dinner at Murugan Idli Shop…Dosas and Idlis (Naan Romba Saapadu/ Saapitu/ Saapitan … choose the appropriate eew ! ) and then a walk again across the beach… Arrgh.. so jealous of Chennai :P. And again who would miss even a small lil chat on The Thalaiva !

At the station, quickly got into the train, kinda stinks outside, like some pissmarket. And there seat number 42 (No Window Seat Damn..!), an opportunity to contribute my weight to the coach’s centre of gravity.  Even if the train is on collision course (from front or back) ill have 50% chances to escape and not to mention… Option of choosing  the washrooms if required and may be some butterfly watch. The only drawback, the mirror image fashion of arranging seats with centre of coach as reference,(exactly where I am sitting. Only that I don’t see myself but some 3 already fast asleep people facing me.

5 hour journey and How to pass the time?

  1. Watch some Series – Not uploaded in Lumia
  2. Go through the presentations – I can’t find my presentations as well
  3. Be The VAwesome and start writing this blog or
  4. Be The Sherlock – wait for it – Awesome  and observe things around.

Hmm option (d)…  here we go…Some blabbering on the TV…  hmmm wait what ! A TV IN THE TRAIN !. Nice. What nice, It’s tough to watch the TV with 75 degree inclination of my neck…and it’s really tough to watch  the 3 passengers facing me and dozing off early morning… Look at them .. Are they in the limbo ? Did they meet Leonardo Dicaprio… ? May be they should ask about his chance for the Oscar at least this time… I think their breathing patterns are synced… is it so? May be they are together… ok I make weird theories, but still who observed? Tea being served… A serious frowny face with a ” serve with smile” message on his uniform. Non veg breakfast supposed to be special contains only bread and omelette (Damn again, veg contains more items). Guy who din exchange my seat and pretended to be some big rich business man with some high end galaxy is snoring shabbily Yuck! So what if the train rides got smoother. Strange but true…everyone is a Slave of Sleep. No kids around to add on to the Corus, yes of course it’s a lucky weekday. Kannada or Tamil movie being changed for every 15 minute cycle. Hopeless adds which I never understood. 2 hours more to go to reach Chennai. Ok I am bored. I’ll save the flow for next time and I am off for a quick nap!


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