…and then had a Great Fall!

Humpty Dumpty sat on the saddle so tall

Humpty Dumpty skid and had a great fall

Humpty Dumpty underestimated that small puddle

Humpty Dumpty inevitably ends up into double trouble

All the Grand ladies and uncles around there

Couldn’t do anything but just stand and stare…

31st January 2014, Friday morning, just as usual as every other day it was supposed to be, or may be… I imagined it to be. 5:30 am, off goes the alarm to give an abrupt break from my dreams. Say hello to the Nature, attend its call, get ready back-pack ready, the bike (bicycle) is ready…all but except me.

That nasty invisible thing which I believe anyone in the world would have never actually seen it, was still lurking in the shadows, followed me till the kitchen from my room. I filled in my water bottle, helmet, gloves, sunglasses, keys, Lumia all set. Picked the BTwin cycling shoes (after 2 whole months from the shoe rack), put them on. And then a faint thought or probably some mild whisper in my ear… “It’s dark, it’s a lil early” striked me. This moment of distraction was enough for that nasty Invisible thing (a friend or an enemy… still can’t figure it out) “SLEEP” pounced upon me. I was obv sitting on that cosy Bean Bag and I should have seen it coming.

6.25 am… Cycling Alarm that I set earlier last night (Plan B contingencies that I prepare for…just in case) woke me up again. Immediately, got off that Bean bag which tried its best to pull me down, got down to the parking, unlocked my bike. Leo (a lazy lousy Fat Labrador, who lives more with the Apartment watchman than its owner) gave a glance at me.

“Ah just another pathetic human being…” it must have thought. It had this normal rapid breathing which I felt was actually open heartedly laughing at me with “MUTE On”. I should have inferred from this… that it did know something must be happening.

Came out, slowly closed the gate behind (did not wake up the watchman happily snoring) only to raise the eyes and ears of three street dogs outside. Five more minutes I delay and I am sure they would start barking at me. An unusual howling ceremony was already in place. Some saregamapa competition with other ones from distant streets probably. Yes it’s an almost a weekly affair, but strangely it is being performed even in morning.

Should have deciphered that howl earlier. It might have been some message being conveyed. “Duuuuuuuude Rahuuuuul Uh Uh will Faaullll…” !

Started to pedal. I had a smile…which grew wider and wider. “Ah ! After that long break from cycling due to travel.. Hyderabad…Chennai and now back to Bangalore…it was pleasure getting back on to the saddle” I thought. I observed a squirrel on that branch as it was in turn observing me (or rather I imagined), and then a dark cat, fearless it was, was slowly walking along on the road (as though Professor McGonagall is keeping an eye on my movements).

That chill breeze warned me to go back. I said NO. I was testing my new fluorescent jersey as to how it fares in these conditions. It did an impressive job though. Hands covered…but what about the face ? I did try to embrace, but what about the finger tips? (thanks to the typical cycling gloves). Bite Me! , are the only two words I could sense my fingertips asked me to do on that chilly morning.

Pace picked, some distance …the warm up distance done…and all set to continue. A close shave with the Red Devil (BMTC bus) near Hosur road, escaped the melody of traffic at Madiwala, and then back on my way at Koramangala. Was very happy after reaching near Hotel Leela Palace and then got into Rustambagh layout… a narrow road as one enters, starts off with a boundary shared with Manipal hospitals on one side and some Seventh Day Adventist school on its left. As we go in gliding through that gradual downhill slope where I don’t have to pedal at all for the next 700 m to reach my apartments, passing through the other residential apartments came to my two favourite turns. A deceiving 90 degree left at the dead end and an immediate 90 degree right at the new Embassy residential project that is under construction.

All I had to do was the simple activity that I have been doing for over past 13 months ! A Sharp left and then a sharp right and the right pace with the right angle of inclination. Lost in my thoughts of how epic I could make this manoeuvre and all of a sudden I found myself flying for a second and then …. “Shhhreeechh” on the tarmac followed by a loud “THUD…!!”. Next thing I know was me lying on the road diagonally aligning the first left and the next right turns.

Still could not figure out how did I skid ?.  That new fluorescent Jersey made sure that I was visible to every one after the fall. I could hear an elderly lady faintly asking “are u hurt beta, are you alright…?“. The Brain stopped processing her voice, so sorry I felt that somehow I just got up and could not digest that I fell down ! from a Bicycle !. Everything around was so dizzy… all I could hear was Buzzzz… and some 5-10 seconds later, “Workout Paused” told my Virtual lady from the Endomondo Sports App.

The first thing I knew immediately was my right had getting into my right pocket ! I was back to my senses then. Ah ! something to smile now…Lumia is safe !. I then tried to take off. That awkward instinct in me which did not even allow to me to raise my head or even have an eye contact with people around. All the while it was Me and My Bike… actually My Bike only.

Slowly I let the slope drag me to my apartments, parked, and checked the bike’s condition. Seat had to be aligned.. done. Was getting late to office so used the lift and got to my flat. My elbow was in a mess ! Blood profuse out. Tiny tiny droplets through tiny tiny pores surrounding the big red patch. My roommates did not notice that earlier as I entered. They expressed that the jersey had a great design… I was like… “What ?”.

Oh oh… That fluorescent jersey had really a great grey design, must have picked up from the fall. Took a pic of my wounds after  first Fall in 13 months after I re-started cycling (was not sure to post the pics here though ! Did not want to scare the readers).  Later realized the Left knee also craved for my attention…! More Blood !

Well had to welcome the disappointed weekend without cycling. Missed the BOTS ride I was planning to attend. I hope I can bend my knee by Monday.

Meanwhile in Hyderabad, Mom on the other hand finally got some justification about her complaints for me not going to temples regularly….but yes is it really true ? Given the fact that I must have been successful in those turns for at least 600 times over past 13 months…! One fall would make a difference?

Was it because of some thin layer of water on the road or my tires playing some prank on me. An MTB should pull off that stretch easily. Got saved by getting back into control during the first skid during a decent from the hill near Kaveri Sangam long back. This time it was all in fraction of seconds…! That ego of me being one of the few conquering few highest peaks of south India could not accept this fall :P.

Of course that turn still is a mystery as to how I skid on a good tarmac. I am sure it would remind me of my Fall every time every day I pass through it.

Gloves saved my palms but the elbow and knee could not escape. Had their fair share. Helmet could not be tested and I wish that time won’t come in future too..! But yes Helmets and sunglasses are really useful to partially cover your identity in such cases of having some silly falls ! 😛

Any ways… finally had my first fall in 13 months since i bought this cycle. All I could think of was 😦 :/ 🙂 😀 😛 ..all in one combo pack.

Route Details:

 That Big Fall Day Route

Ride summary link: Endomondo Cycling Workout

My Big Fall location on the Maps 😀

 Big fall point

So Ride safe… things just happen !


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