The Great Malnad Challenge 2013 – Romance with the Western Ghats…continues (Part – I)

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you get drowned into this immaculate piece of My Romance with the Malnad Region.  Turned out to be very long, but in the interest of the reader’s timelines, I shall introduce this nectar in smaller doses.

Part I

Having described the Western Ghats, it is beauty… “The Existing Exciting Yet Mostly Ignored Face of…Goa !! “, my expression was … “WOW” ! My romance with the Western Ghats got even dearer as I relished every bit of the Malnad Region in Karnataka. Impressed by such great treat India as a country has to give us, coupled with some adventurous cycling expedition….My expression was “WOW times the Avogadro Number”.  Let me decode this. How about every day you start, you eagerly wait for what is ahead. The distance ahead  is just waiting for you to roll on. The path which constantly keeps reminding you, “No pain No Gain, Yes you have read this statement before, now experience it”. How about that very pain you suffer actually lights up a smile and gears you up to tame that hill ahead.


Yes it is in India…not Swiss roads

 Mesmerizing stretch on our way from Kalasa to Agumbe

How about getting consumed by the feelings scaling up the peaks of the highest mountains in the southern India, on a bicycle, and then look back the trail behind. “Pheww ! Pain ? What is it?” are the very words that are then in your mind after conquering one. The heart beats escalates, the smile goes brighter, eyes wider.


Set your foot down, and all goes in vain – Push !

Steep climbs of the Kundadri Hills

How about looking down standing up above that peak to identify tiny dots of civilization somewhere down around.


View from the peak of Mullayanagiri

How about those dots are curtained by the thick white clouds and oh yah Ah! That sun rise at that very moment !


View from the peak of Kundadri

How about swooping all the way downhill, from up above those clouds, through the clouds letting the mist settle on your face, that cool breeze whisper in your ears. Getting drenched under the clouds. Thousands of rupees and gallons of emissions to fly in a plane not required for this. A simple bicycle can do the job. (Sorry I din like to hit the brakes on my downhill rides 🙂 so no pics ) How about spending time in the lap of nature. Where you sing it out, sing out loud, listen to the inner you, listen to the actual you, your soul (of course at times birds, crickets or frogs join the chorus). Far far far away from the cacophonic crowd, amazed by the shining leaf blades in the morning sun squeezing it is rays through the thick canopy above in the forests.


Hide and Seek !

On the way from Kemmangundi base to Mullayanagiri

Experiencing the Oneness riding on and on. For a change, your paths are no longer roads but many a times off roads. Every jump, every dribble over every gravel or pebble in your path, you soak in every frequency that the cycle vibrates and the body absorbs. You soak in the pain, letting the pain be part of you. Complaining against pain is complaining against you.


Shhhh…! The Crickets rule…!

@ Bisle forests

Signing off for the day in tents or in the farms, getting lost in the dark or pacing yourself to reach your destination of the day before the dusk. Also wishing the technology could be even better to capture everything as it is as we see. And then a selfish greedy grin for being one of the very few to gulp the essence of nature while the other mechanical robots are busy at city. In a gist how about experiencing those very parts of the world where even today’s motor vehicles struggle to reach or pass through without leaving the surroundings undisturbed. How about not just getting lost in your path but lost in your thoughts ??


Suraj ke Baahon Mein…!

@ Peak of Kundadri

Photo credit: Sushma

You doubt it feels like heaven, Yes it is…!  My romance with the Western Ghats just keeps getting better and better. This time it was the Great Malnad Region with my Buddy…my Bicycle … whole new friends !


The GMC group ready to roll

@ Madikeri, Day – 1

Photo credit: Joseph Franklin

…To Be Continued


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