TERI-SRC Cricket Report…!


Match date: 3 August 2013

Venue: Frank Anthony Public School

Cloudy and probable thunders expected…said the weather forecast. Bangalore and morning rains!  Nopes…never experienced since past 19 months of my stay here. Trusting my sample space 19… Morning rains ruled out. Clouds perfect. The fluorescent tennis ball had no chance in getting camouflaged this time with the dark skies above as background.

My maid already had plans of taking off early morning…and breakfast!! Maggi always a saviour. Trying to soak myself into the pretty good early morning weather, accepting the head winds, rode down to office on my cycle with 3/4ths and the favourite standard Reebok Woodland attire.

Someone cast a spell here on office? First Ethnic day and now the cricket…Everyone gets a chance to step into the office in no so “Formals dress”. Trying my best as always not to be punctual… I reach a little early. Did not want to miss the opportunity of relishing myself at my work station in that current attire: D.

Plans are made by everyone…every brain on earth has the ability to do so. But sticking to that plan…and to keep it get going… it’s an Awesome Art…! So before I start off with the match details, Hats off! To everyone involved in struggling hard to get that ground at Frank Anthony Public School. My sincere and personal thanks too for identifying a school with a lovely Basket Ball Court! Ah Ah Ah… Last played was some 7 months back. Truly felt like the heaven on earth.

Anyone who knew me earlier would not doubt expect that I would ditch anything when the dribbles on the court start calling 😀

Few of us gathered at office and joined others at the venue at around 9ish. Lovely Saturday, lousy morning, no warm up exercises, donning those childhood smiles everyone tries their hand on bowling and batting. I did feel that stretch on my arm.

Pitch Report:

Pitch was dry and hard. Perfect for a tennis ball to come up to the bat. Showing signs already for some possibility of a batsman being a wrath incarnate. Pitch did promise that the batsmen can dance to their own tunes. Will it turn ? If so how many can get the ball do the merry go round ? Looks cloudy but sure conditions won’t change.


The teams were decided on the spot. Details:

Team A Team B
Narasimha Rao GR Ameen Khan
Venu Kumar Chandan Dayanand Bhat
Atul Kumar Auti Ninga Setty
Firoz S MD Rajashekhara B N
Manjunath Satish Kumar
Nagaraju Y Senthil Kumar T
Rahul Raju Dusa Vijaykumar C
Srinivas Sumit Kumar Gautham

Sridhar Babu MN (common)

Team A won the toss elected to Bat. Team B to field.

1st Innings:

Openers by Narasimha Rao and Venu. First over to be bowled by Vijaykumar. Taking advantage of the height and the tremendous pace Vijay gave in 2 wides in his first over. Some sign of luck for a decent score was already visible then. First 3 wickets were off in no time. The promising hope that Team A had with the excellent four struck by Rao Sir was short-lived.

Firoz and Srinivas with their silent and subtle temperament played some beautiful shots adding about 32 runs of the total 51 runs that the whole team scored. 51 only…? Yes you read it perfectly correct. Curious how Target for Team B was 82?

Team B’s nature could not be judged. They donned two hats simultaneously… one, generous enough to give boundaries through wides just like … a bumper offer !!.  Total extras given, 30 runs. Team A didn’t have to make a slightest effort lifting the bats for almost 30 % of the runs on the score board. Yup…Team B however made sure wickets kept ticking. As the saying goes…There is no free lunch in this world always.

Ameen Khan maintained a very good bowling economy in containing the score. Sridhar Babu, the man less noticed but very instrumental in pocketing a couple of run outs behind the wickets.

2nd Innings:

It began immediately. The team packed with the power house of performance was ready to go for the zenith.

First over by Manjunath was pretty tight. Hopes of Team A were well intact. Next over by Narasimha Rao got the match even more enticing after taking the first wicket of the innings with his superb medium pace attack. By now even the Sun sneaks out of the clouds eagerly to watch his bowling. Their two overs each with a combination of the experienced and the young had very little impact on what was about to follow.

Even after the early first wicket down in the very first over, things for Team A never looked promising as the match progressed. Chandan and Satish who were at no. 2 and 3 in Team B’s batting line up have decided to enjoy the picnic on the pitch. Was expecting some signature comeo from Satish on field but not a sign of it then. Instead he gave a great support for Chandan’s fabulous innings of unbeaten 34 which included five 4s.

Team A realizing the need for giving the duet song a break, calls in Manjunath for his second over.  At last Satish’s innings came to an end with a catch taken at deep mid-wicket. Miracle of the Day…!! I took that catch J.  However the damage was already done by then.

One song stops the other plays. Next comes Ameen (13)readily adapted to the tune. Making sure that no stone is left unturned, he starts off with 2 huge towering sixes. They were the only sixes in the Match ! An attempt for third did not go his way. Atul was shaky but did not let the ball go off. Short but performance worth watching. Awesome Ameen ..!

Sumit joined the party with a couple of boundaries.

Chandan awarded as the man of the match, gave a beautiful ending by hitting 3 consecutive 4s. Very much eager to wrap up the match.

Match Results:

Team A:

  • Runs: 81 (all out)
  • Highest runs: Feroz – 20
  • Total 4s: 4

Team B:

  • Runs: 82 (6 Wickets)
  • Highest runs: Chandan – 34 (Man of the Match)
  • Total 4s: 9; 6s: 2

Might not be a professional one, but yup it was a great achievement for everyone for finally coming together on a weekend, not talking about any project and reports, playing cricket, having quality time !! … is something what one should happily accept. However the size of the cups should not matter rite..! 😛

The superb offer of Rao sir regarding the Beer sponsor for the winning team was graciously rejected… ha ha. Someone replied “Next Time”. Guys should realize that when opportunity strikes, one needs to grab that. Procrastinating in this context might be a HUGE loss ! 😀

Before I end, We are very very thankful to Frank Anthony Public School and for every colleague in arranging for an opportunity to play cricket and me my Basket ball J

—-The End—


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