It’s Just a Video…Is it so ??

A scene from Pan's Labryinth


Was eagerly waiting to start writing on my Berlin Blues, but then I came across something interesting for time being. This nasty little tug of war between my body and my brain at some times leads me to good things I believe. Ok firstly, the term “Interesting” I agree is relative. Good that the term called “Relative” is not relative. Second…“The tug of war”!! , seriously I wonder it’s a boon or a bane to me. I start to my room after the office hours and then at the exit I find this notice board Film screening at 6:30 pm, TERI-SRC Auditorium. Before I have a second thought, I find myself already drifting towards the Auditorium.


The Audi…is pretty good cozy place. One of the very few places one can find at TERI SRC’s Green sustainable building, which has AC. As usual state of art infra…acoustics, the accessibility, view, whatever one could think of. Ok…I don’t have to boast of the building characteristics. Its already available in the website.


It so happens that I have enjoyed about 15 documentaries screened at TERI Bangalore’s auditorium. My sincere thanks to the Bangalore International Center Unit here. The documentaries have varied themes depicting stories ranging from Latin America…Mexico…German…French…Spanish…and so on. Good that there is no English yet. Every time it comes…it comes with a Bang!!…under the banners Film Festivals. Oh yeah…it’s a truly a festival for me, I enjoy after a long 9:30 to 17:30 work. It’s a perfect way to end the day.


I at times wonder why these movies?? In the path of conveying the audience the message, they try making the screenplay, the direction, etc. a little different from the usual, i.e. unusual. The apathy of a section of the Latin America by brags and bruises…at times pictures of naked women…the violence…and what not. Is this what all that needs to call a video documentary? Documenting the reality on ground.


How this really conveys some important message? Or is it that as a naïve person to such things I am the odd one out who is left behind unable to capture the essence. Look around and I find people who are well educated, professionals, retired people, belonging to a good background, and at times well respected in society, generally the members of BIC attend such screenings. May be they were too classy to remain silent and not a word after every film.


But then there are good ones too. A German movie “Pan’s Labyrinth” which I would definitely recommend everyone to watch. As a matter of fact, I was moved by the film that was screened yesterday. “Khayal Darpan” by Yousuf Saeed a film maker who happened to come yesterday and screened his movie. Such screenings were very much appreciated to the core that they received a standing ovation from the audience. The review on these would be very soon updated in my further posts.


What happens next? The movie is shot, it is screened and then? The film maker earns his share, the production houses have their pie and then ?? After the film, within minutes there were some 10 DVDs of Rs 400 each got sold. Did It really impact the people or the places on whom the subject was based on? Do they really? How many such cases exist. I hardly remember the ones in Youtube ..few were successful in spreading the message. But these films?


A common man in his busy life, strives hard to sustain his hand to mouth requirements. They themselves form the subject for these films. The classy affluent watch, express their views, praise the staff for giving a wonderful message and then….I ask again… What Next??

In this busy world how many really can justify that they really are doing something which at some point and at some place is beneficial for some person who deserves to be benefitted? The people and places and issues considered as subjects are mere objects? Due to my ignorance on the facts as to what exactly is being done on these matters…I have no rights to guess the answers of my own questions. And so I end this post with that single question .. What next?




Interested in knowing some best movies ??

Pan’s Labyrinth :

The Touch of Spice:


Would come up with more…interesting ones as I come across. I pray there are more such film festivals J


Currently in the process of thinking how to write the Berlin Blues!!… To the place I flew…

There my memories got glued….

Was tough to say Chews!!

Oh The Berlin Blues..!!


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