My Visa Vistas

I didn’t get much time ..all this time. Hmm have you experienced at times….things happen … ? I mean….just happen, as in like a fairy tale? Ever did your > 2 year faint dreams come alive and something you wished long back then in your black and white years pops into you all of a sudden when you least expect. Without sealing a deal with any Demon or an Angel? Or without inviting any Vamp into your life???


Here I start writing this in Brussels Airport just bumped in at morning 7:30, 17 July 2012, and bounced back to Berlin at around 14:20. First thing that triggers my brain as I step down into this European Nation … A land where I can’t play the game “colour colour which colour which you want to choose”…coz all that you see is WHITE !!…I feel like shouting …..WOW!! THE BLONDssssss :P. Not much but there are significant ones and they are … Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwsmmmmm !!

(point to be noted: Details are w.r.t the way they look )


Wait!!..I have been figuring out how to write and what to write…. And actually the question called When !! Never came up to the surface. A little rewind and for now we shall go back to 26th June 2012. So what is so significant on this day. Yeah I did get my visa… so what ?


Hmmm it’s that day where I felt for some time that fairy tales do fair more than one expects. Task number one, German consulate location. Getting to know the Bangalore City is one aspect and thanks to Google Maps for that. The other aspect is How do you reach there??, Thanks to the Bus connectivity. I might be called as a thrifty but then, I always prefer the public transport. The reasons, lower carbon foot prints, and oh yeah ! The burn in the pocket too. Somehow I did reach there, thanks to the people I stay with.


So there I was at 10:00 am … German Consulate General 2nd & 3rd floor, “Cash Pharmacy Building”, Corner St. Mark’s Road & Residency Road, Bangalore 560025. I walk around the building doing my rotations and revolutions figuring out from where to enter. After his unusual grumpy look the guard at the gate shows me the direction towards the hidden lift. As the doors of the lift open on the 2nd floor, a completely different atmosphere. Secured and automated glass doors through which one is supposed to enter.


First thing I was curious on observing !!, was the way they accept the documents. Ha ha…  Height of Super Safety and Security. We are supposed to drop the docs in the box which is then pulled into their secured cabin by a lever.


After confirming my appointment, the guy at the reception informs, “Mr. Dusa, you have to meet me here again after you’re done with the interview. You are supposed to meet someone”. I was like !!!
.….… Huh ? Do I have any distant relative ? Naaa, I just got in as the tall and stout guard guided me through the second door (thanks to my attentiveness to the Non Verbal communication classes in my engineering and Oh yeah … Masters too. I hardly understood his Kannad !! 🙂 . I miss those profs though).


Inside it was Hushhhhhhh!! Silence. One of the best faces of people one gets to see is just before the interview. Its variety !! Few smile, few frown, few smile few chat, few have some professional discussions. All that is common is Hushhhh !! Everyone has to go through the interview.


“Mr. Dusa…..Mr. Rahul Raju Dusa…” there the lady in black, tried her best to be impressed in the way she dressed…calls. To be true, I was not impressed, but then the ball is in her court. I better shut my mouth and yes my brains regarding some unnecessary stuff. My Visa Vistas …shez got the ticket. As usual I drop my documents required for the Schengen Visa under Training and Internship Purpose, along with my passport into the box….that Weird Box. The Rapid fire starts.


I know I am good at that, but there comes an issue with one document. The Residential Proof Awww. My company’s letter head in her hands she looks at me with that complicated look and asks “Is this the only document you have for your Local Residential Proof ?? “

Me: “YYupps !!” ( in a slightly feared low tone….)

She: ” Aaaa What …? “


(I realized..only then… I replied Yyupps !! ? to her. What on Earth … huh !! )


Me: “Yes Madam, I have been living as a paying guest from December 25th 2011 here. We don’t have any rental agreements or such documents for paying guest.”

She: ” I’ll have to discuss your case, wait…”


And there she leaves me alone standing. The Madam goes into somewhere to discuss MY CASE. Heart starts pumping faster, I din have much time to get such kind of documents done. Meanwhile I shift my thoughts wondering, there are sooooooooo many people around who migrate to different parts of the country, for different works and lively hood. Dude, do all have their so called documents and agreements? The city of Bangalore itself is a Biiiig Hub…of this kind. The Country with its immense population still has a lot happening around. The cities are flooded with people from other cities and even villages. I wonder how Bangalore would look 5 years down the line. May be another Delhi of south India (w.r.t the diversity in many aspects)


And there she comes now after a 15 min wait. I gulped the air looking at her serious face. Oh wait…behind her follows another fair guy. A German obvious, I guessed. Tall , fair, with that chubby chicks, and yes he has got a Great Smile !! :). Do I know him ?? Naaaa. Black trousers, light blue shirt, and he has got that command in the walk and the elegance he carries. It’s obvious he must be some head of the ….. , some key position.


He pulls me out from there, takes me to his room. Makes me sit in a comfy sofa and goes out to ask someone to get some water for me and some necessary arrangements.  All this while I was like…. !! Awww Man !! Again ? “Whose face did I see this morning, or which God did I pray first today ??” I only realize as I look around the room, I was in Mr. Hans-Günter Löffler, Deputy Consul General’s room.  He starts off with the casual chat as it what I do, why I am going, where who and all.


Hardly 10 min and the door opens in a rush, that same lady comes in. I thought “Now What …Again that same serious looks”, and there I find my Passport !!. I wished someone pinched me then for my joy knew no bounds as Mr. Löffler said “We did not want you to take the trouble in coming again to collect your Visa after 3 days, and so we are giving it to you now”. Aha !! This was not all, I get a free Gift from him on behalf of the Embassy. A book called “Facts of Germany” which I planned to read during my flight.


What a story what a day!! I go back to the office sooooooo excited and share this all with my guide. He did have a faint smile which I could observe, but then I just did not know what to say or how to feel when He said “Oh yes…I already informed them and yes they must have seen TERI’s name on the letter head”. The first ever brilliant goodie I get as an employee, just with the Name of the organisation…!! Man !! I must be really lucky. Not to boast of, but yes I have given 8 months under my internship here, coming again and again to get into it… and here I am.


Before I end this Fairy tale… I would like to share that I feel …

“To continue enjoying the fruits, One needs to keep the tree alive. No matter what the hurdles are, One has to protect it”. Yes I would give my best to hold to the best. I am in nooo mood in loosing this TREE… called TERI.


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