Never Expected !! – Yeah !! More than Expected :)


Hmmm hmmm Hmmm … Ummmm !!

Wondering where to start from ….Ok let me come in a step by step process

Can’t help you see….ifffff these Surprises exceeds my speed of blogging :P… No probs…Gives me only an opportunity to come up with something called “Continued….” 😛

So it was one fine day …actually the very first day…  I thought it was not my day… as I entered…. The trip to Jaipur …got cancelled. Awwww !!

I was like L and then J and then 😛

Ok that gives me Breather….for getting my Documents set for the German Visa.

Days passed…hmm ok !! Here I start off with my long time research plans. First target ?… It’s Obvious :)…The Cement Industry !! By the way, where do I start off ?? . The question Haunted me for some time.

What next ? I remembered those good old padaaku Rahul…. In engineering …The Chemical Engineering… My Good friend’s hand that picked up a RED Colour Book !! In the library of C.B.I.T…Any Guess??

“Shreve’s Chemical Process Industries , George T.Austin; McGraw-Hill International”

Nice book ..A little livelier than Dryden ….ha ha

Oh look DRY DEN it’s in the name 😛

Hmm so pg. no. 170 I start offff….. It was awesome nostalgic…back into the 3rd floor that oldie class rooms green board… spacious and ample of light…. That Maze on the board…..the lines called pipes…. those fancy designs ……and all !! Where you know…. A small cylindrical shape in a figure can change a pump to a blower :P. Where, 2 or more horizontal and vertical lines u add and u change it into a different type of heat exchanger. All those moments kept streaming the past …more than 10Mbps I believe.

And there goes the shutters down. Fushhhhhhh!!..

My Mentor…My guide calls me. Abruptly I had to leave this history behind…and come to reality.

Me: Yes Sir… U called Me ?

Guide: Hey yes…Meet this person, a Colonel and he wants to some project on Smart Grid and SPV roof top applications.

I give a 45 degree turn to my left !!! Oh My !! Where did he appear from all of a sudden…. Did he apparate himself here out of the thin air…? Or I didn’t give a damn to look who he was initially . Well that perfect Army Dress, those badges and stars… really the dress looks awesome.!!! Naa that is not all…It is the kind of discipline that blends perfectly in the way he speaks.. “Oh Mr. Rahul Great Meeting you “.

And there I pick the scent…the signs …the symptoms of My First Project @ TERI on rolls…. I say lolzz.. 😛

The Project A:

I din know my M.Tech Thesis title would haunt me for the rest of my life. First….I was like oooo!! And then…. Like “Chill its perfect … M in ”

“Assessing Rooftop potential for solar PV in their campus”…. U must be kidding !!!  Only thing I can think of is “Aall Izzz Well”. The discussions and measurements are going on for now. Life is not a fairy tale …

Ever Imagined….travelling in a Military Jeep !! …. Getting such respect as long as I was there in the campus, from the most disciplined and most respected sector of India. I always had this hard feeling inside all the time there… “Did I deserve that ?? What if I din have the brand TERI with me !! WOW!! ” Well very much thankful to my company 🙂

I just have to work 🙂

Thing that I admire is the awesome Hierarchy…..and the respect they have among themselves. Yes I got to hear much of the Army Jargon there… but I would never forget that Lemon juice and that yummilicious Samosa !! Ummm.

Only way I can excel at my work … I work …on something “outside the box”. Aha !! Then So Be It…

………..By the way … what is that BOX  I was talking about ?? Any Idea ?


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