Its Time To Start !! – Happy Birthday To ME :)

Aha !! or Ah !!

Even as I start…M soo excited. Why? its coz…this is the moment that the clock strikes 00:00. It is 25 June 2012.

My 24th Birthday 🙂

Way too far from 25 June 1988. Iv come so far so good. To be short, crisp to the point, I like gifting myself. This year I am way tooo Happy !! for I have achieved my Last year Birthday resolution. And what is that ???

A successful completion of My Masters ?? 😛 dude this is default. It’s not a herculean task to get through these. Thing is M working…M employed !! More of, Satisfaction Shoots High 🙂

Ok, so to start off…this year I gift myself with this Blog, “The Me and The Mine – the world…the way I see “. Yes Yes I do agree that I did already have a blog on this name…but this time…I want to go Public. I din want to confine myself, so “Its Time To Start”.

15th of June 2012, I get to the office with that appointment letter in hand. Trust me I din have any Idea of joining that day, coz the joining date was later. Given an option, I just jumped into it :P. And so I joined.

Every Birthday I get to see….there is a change. The change that if one closely observes and if taken as a reference, What a tremendous Change that we all have come through, the surroundings, the society, the nation, the world. New discoveries, new technologies, new methodologies. Few we thought “Ifff…” and few we dreamt thinking “I wishhhh”. Yes !! that year by year, day by day, step by step, getting closer to the dreams, achieving something.

Wait a minute…!!! What are we dreaming….what are we achieving? Gaining something at cost of anything ? I believe in the long run that would leave us with nothing. Yes its an old wine in a new bottle, but dude….its the old wine that is much prefered than the new one.

I don’t want to be selfish….I am doing my best, I give in my best…to give people of future a chance to celebrate more Birthdays like me. Coz….Life’s Beautiful i say. Yyupps !! One can say it is beautiful only when goes through the pain to achieve something and not by giving pain for some gain.

Back to my Birthday….Cool Finally I achieve….actually as I am writing… I wish so I would achieve…. a peaceful All alone…about 600km from home B day…. and guess what!! Bangalore would just be lucky to have my presence as that Clock strikes 00:00. The new day 25 June 2012, the city would see this year a New Way !!. Yes I do boast a lil but then…they help me stay Motivated….

What a B day… a Vegetable Rice… m cooking nw…recipe from a friend chatting online.

It is My day… My B day.

I think I should close here coz the cooker is calling me.

ssccya !!



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